Alternative Reproductive Legal Services

The law firm of HHR is well-versed in representing families in assisted reproduction or a surrogacy. Assisted reproduction can involve in-vitro fertilization or artificial insemination; or an egg or sperm donor. 

A surrogacy can occur either by using a traditional surrogate (surrogate’s egg is fertilized by artificial insemination) or by utilizing a gestational carrier (in-vitro fertilization is used to transfer another woman’s fertilized egg into the surrogate’s uterus). Either path a family chooses requires a skilled adoption attorney to draft the comprehensive agreements. The adoption attorney’s goal, for both an assisted reproduction and a surrogacy, is to protect the intended parents’ rights and to determine the obligations of the intended parents. Additionally, the attorney may also need to define the obligations of the surrogate and the donor.  Depending on who we are asked to represent, we are versed in this area so that we can represent either the intended parents or the surrogate.

At HHR we are well aware that the laws governing assisted reproduction technology are constantly evolving, and so we tirelessly keep abreast of those changes in order to continuously and completely protect our families’ legal rights.

We unfailingly provide effective and compassionate representation to our families during the sometimes stressful and emotional process of an adoption, assisted reproductive technology procedure or a surrogacy.

To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our Atlanta adoption attorneys at the law firm of HHR you can reach us by telephone at 404-846-7025.